Welcome to the 2019 Growing Season.  Our website is under renovation, please be patient with me.  The 2019 instructions and calendar will be coming soon.

If you are interested in helping to grow the School the Garden Program, please Contact one of our committee members. We would appreciate your input and contribution! Even helping out for a few hours at the Chilliwack Fair or even trying a hand at Judging. Training will be provided. 

Application:  2019 Application.docx
Planting and General Instructions\Rubric\Preparation for Fair: Instructions 2018.docx
Student Calendar: 2017 student calendar.docx
For Teachers: 2019 Dear Teachers.docx
For Parents: 2019 Dear Parents.docx
Poster: 2019 poster .doc
For Secretaries: 2019 Dear Secretaries.docx




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